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05 Dec : 10:25
haha nope. Henderson, KY is where W.C. Handy (father of the blues) met his wife... at a BBQ

02 Dec : 02:10
Sounds good unless you are talking about the Wash Closet ::)

01 Dec : 05:17
You need to go to the W.C. Handy Blues and BBQ festival in Henderson, KY then Be...

30 Nov : 04:38
- love me some good BBQ

30 Nov : 03:23
Nice, you had me sweating next to those power lines in the beginning of the Hays BBQ shot! I also saw a great BeBop cameo in a Hay's vid

23 Nov : 05:17
Nice shots.....get a picture of the drone in there somewhere......seems like a nice one.


23 Nov : 01:46
Here is my YouTube channel for 18 vids to date. Got the drone on the 11th and I have more from today to add


22 Nov : 18:07
phantom 4 eh? how are you liking that? i've been thinking of getting a 3 pro now that prices are dropping. I want some links to some vids!!!

19 Nov : 10:04
I'm on standby Bebop, have a safe journey, big brother!

16 Nov : 00:09
Good to hear Traker and CM - trying not to change the promo page to much...Montana or Cali are in my future after NZ and probably prior to Christmas depending on the weather for me to drive to Calgary Don't want to set at the cross bars going through Wyoming wishing they would let my 4X4 go through

Cy, if I come it will be brief so I can drive the coast and see three good sunsets with my Phantom 4 Then off to Indian land in Idaho if roads are good.

Just cannot keep me from nature right now...

Blue, Priz possible and Deuce, Talon, Sweet Pea also if I end up that far north on the coast...will say more when I return from NZ and finalize my time.

14 Nov : 13:37
Traker, I heard about the quake this morning. Came to see if you and yours were OK! It is wonderful to hear that you are!!

14 Nov : 05:03
Ah good deal Blue says our hearts go out to those affected.

14 Nov : 03:57
Good to hear from you sir. Glad you guys are ok. Thoughts go out to those that were affected.

14 Nov : 03:54
Hi All yes We are safe and sound.. The earthquake was centered about 300 miles south of us at a very shallow 10 miles deep. It was 7.5 Magnitude and there is a lot of damage down in south island of our country where it happened. No damage here just the biggest quake i have experienced in my life

13 Nov : 19:01
You ok Traker? Praying for you and you family to be safe.


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