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05 Oct : 03:25
See you guys on Rust in the next few days

05 Oct : 01:40
uhh!! Trying to avoid refined sugars is so difficult. Gonna try my old trick of snacking on carrots and cucumbers to fight cravings. I think im finding it difficult from all the junk I at for the past 10 years I was sick for comfort eating :/

02 Oct : 02:47
allied assault was an amazing game for its day...

01 Oct : 19:53
Hi Everyone, Just a reminder to all rust players today is the big update, so all work will be wiped to start fresh. If you are looking to get into the CAP rust server the title (for now) is World Order PVE no wipes (unless forced) on the community list. Have Fun and happy raiding/building!

01 Oct : 19:36
*sigh* oh the memories of split screen (& LAN) well developed games, friendship and passion for gaming [Link] now I want to drop everything and play this again

01 Oct : 15:30
Yeah, it's called "Lemon-Fresh"... I just used lemon's head. It has natural cleansing and polishing properties for exposed wood!

30 Sep : 22:52

30 Sep : 08:28
Nice floor, Traker. New mop?

30 Sep : 05:40
Sorry to hear that NX, It is good that you got that far but still disappointing not to get the position

29 Sep : 21:40
2 phone interview, 1 in-person interview, over 3 weeks, and didnt get the postiion, *sigh*

28 Sep : 21:54
yeah power flux sucks

28 Sep : 21:41
that's terrible Deuce3r; is it just the mobo or the PS as well?

28 Sep : 19:06
Ok just a quick announcement the rust server is down until this afternoon, once I get some power issues taken care of. On another note I will be offline for awhile, because the before mentioned power issue surged into my computer and fried my gaming computer. So until I get that sorted out I'll be offline for awhile.

28 Sep : 15:26
Its not too bad I'm still getting things settled.


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