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30 Apr : 22:55
Well my sift at the gym is over, had a lot more people ever for a saturday since i started working there. I like seeing people in the gym but just felt odd

28 Apr : 07:25
On Thursday, April 28th we will be conducting maintenance on our Dallas location as we perform network upgrades. Downtime is expected to be minimal.

Event Type: Network Upgrade
Start Time: 00:00 04/28/2016
End Time: 00:30 04/28/2016

26 Apr : 04:56
Hey there guys! Sweetpea! How you guys faring?

24 Apr : 20:23
I drank enough to Dark last night.

Hi Blue

24 Apr : 05:08
Good Evening Blue..

24 Apr : 02:12
Evening ladies and gents.

Happy Bday Dark.

22 Apr : 18:38
happy birthday dark!! hope you'er having a great day !

22 Apr : 09:37
Happy Birthday Dark

22 Apr : 07:40
Dark's birthday? Happy birthday, drinks on Bebop.

22 Apr : 03:15
Happy Birthday Dark

21 Apr : 18:54
Happy Birthday GetDark. Hope you have a awesome day.

21 Apr : 05:57
going good over here T6 just working like always and playing space games. how about your self ?

21 Apr : 02:54
Hey goes your Spring? T6

16 Apr : 06:09
So most of you won't care but I just hit a New York with a shell from my Kongo and did 36000+ damage :- D oddly though it didn't say citadel... lol

14 Apr : 14:40
i have been keeping my eye on it chaunymony looks very interesting multi player-ish there may be a chance you come across somebody else but not likely.


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