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30 Jan : 20:55
Loved that game Deuce... LOVED IT... haven't played it in a long while...

30 Jan : 01:49
hi dark

29 Jan : 21:58
Thank you Unsinge

29 Jan : 16:09
Deuc3r, Dark, I need you comments on the tactical night thread for times of availability please.

29 Jan : 16:08
Hey Cy!

29 Jan : 16:06
Hi Rad.

29 Jan : 16:05
Thank you Unsinge.

29 Jan : 15:05
Who else has got World in conflict soviet assault on steam?? JJ, KT, and I do anybody else? looking for interested peeps that might want to play.

29 Jan : 01:34
Nice small sessions tonight. Thanks JJ, Deuce, and Perro. That was fun. And thank you Blue for keeping us company in TS

27 Jan : 14:02
hey hells! hope all is well!

27 Jan : 13:39
Hey Poly , Hey Lemon

26 Jan : 22:53
Tracker, I'm online tonight.

26 Jan : 22:45
Sounds good Be, I have some family in town the week of the 15th but, I don't know what the schedule is yet, (wife's family). Just keep me posted. I'll PM you my cell #.

25 Jan : 23:41
I will drive into PHX on the 15th and fly to KOA at 8 AM on the 16th. I will try to get there early enough to say hi and have a drink if we can meet somewhere; hopefully I will arrive by 9 PM depending on traffic.

If not; I will arrive back on the 20th at 10 PM and be available if not to worn out about 11:30 PM which should be out of the question for a man with a toddler that walk I will stay at the Airport Hilton in town both nights and they will watch my truck without charge...

25 Jan : 21:07
RGR, got it!

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