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11 Feb : 22:19
Hi Fury!

11 Feb : 18:30
Hi guys! I'll be finished with school 2.0 in May, looking forward to battling again.

11 Feb : 15:53
long time no see zero!

11 Feb : 14:47
Hey Hey Fury and Zero!

11 Feb : 07:04
Hello Zero and Fury

11 Feb : 05:48
Howdy CAP

11 Feb : 02:38
Oh chatbox I've missed you so...

10 Feb : 05:57
Notice the THREE Seashells tho.. I cracked up when i saw that

10 Feb : 05:57
LMAO Bebop that is what I said.. At least I knwo they had one LOL

10 Feb : 03:17
Nice video - I never knew they had a restroom on the Enterprise with all of those years of watching Star Trek Now I know they did go potty too

09 Feb : 18:14
Apparently it is a project by some guy who wants to build most of the Enterprise D in detail.. Maybe it could be used for a game sometime. THere are more videos of other places in the ship he has finished like Engineering Deck etc

09 Feb : 15:58
CooooL I love it. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his Enterprise, i see all the series from him. Thanks Traker Is that a new game ?

09 Feb : 07:44

09 Feb : 05:31
Check this out... OMG


08 Feb : 19:23
=- D


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