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28 Jul : 19:08
Alright Ladies and Gents I wrote a review for Battle Field 1. If you have a questions or comments please post them in the convo below. Thank you!

28 Jul : 04:25
I crossed my also

26 Jul : 14:52
yeah my work had one that they let me borrow luckily as I had a bunch of elk and a half a pig in my freezer. originally we had 65,000 without power. They expect it all to be restored by Thursday. Across the street got it back yesterday. I'm crossing my fingers today is our day!!

26 Jul : 00:12
WOW - a generator will be in your future.

Hope all improves ):

25 Jul : 16:18
so closed on my house a week and a few days ago. wednesday night we had 100mph straightline winds that DESTROYED our neighborhood. Northern MN has lots of big trees. We now have a lot less. Today is day 5 without power which means I've now spent more days without power than with. lol

23 Jul : 03:37
Awesome to hear and read CM - enjoy every moment

21 Jul : 03:54
Also, what be said for hells. prayers for your country and we hope you are safe and well.

21 Jul : 03:53
hi friends! well I've made it one year as a father (albeit with some more greys on my head) just closed on a house this last friday and GM is in town visiting. there may be a lot of negativity in the world but I'm not going to let it stop me from living a positive life. hope you all are well and enjoying the summer!

18 Jul : 04:05
Hellz, I know that was close to you - day hi and let us know your family is fine.

11 Jul : 22:32
=- D

09 Jul : 02:56
Hellz - how's the touring going

09 Jul : 01:18

06 Jul : 05:37

05 Jul : 17:47
Hello everyone!

05 Jul : 00:19
I pre-ordered,,, so I'll be around for the early things... but no alpha here...

On an entirely unrelated note... I was playing WoWS and for some reason Dr. Dre- Ring Ding Dong... is magically stuck in my head... lol...

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