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17 Jan : 02:33
Yea, this one time in Band Camp...still no one listening...Hmmm.

15 Jan : 22:59
Come to think of it with all of the crickets in here I like snacks too About ever two hours if I watch the clock and sooner when I drive for several days on a trip

14 Jan : 19:05
Even a good sit down Lunch is great when I haven't eaten in a couple hours

14 Jan : 02:33
And Breakfast after that

13 Jan : 03:08
I like Dinner

11 Jan : 08:39
Just do not call me late for dinner.

10 Jan : 20:06
:- D
good plan

10 Jan : 16:03
I think as long as SP let's him enjoy the hot tub he will not care what Chat calls him

09 Jan : 02:09
Ok so auto correct assumes I meant Tony not Talon.... wierd

09 Jan : 02:08
I seeeeeeee a Bebop.... Be careful on the ice and snow Tony and SP

07 Jan : 21:43
Not fun at all Be safe...

07 Jan : 11:28
This is Talon on SPs laptop. We got froze out..I am currently hold up in a Motel 6 a block form SPs work so she can fill her shifts.....road impassable and frozen pipes...we slide down the hill to get here....ugh.

07 Jan : 02:29
Hi Perro - darn Talon, are you done yet?

07 Jan : 01:57
good just checking in happy new year hows the fam

07 Jan : 01:49
Hey perro hows it going


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