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30 Mar : 22:41
You guys are silly....I only use titanium foil....

28 Mar : 08:29
mi casa su casa.

28 Mar : 04:39
I need to get a new stylus to play my 76's... they honestly have way to wide of a groove for my old double elliptical Shure...

28 Mar : 02:21
lol - do you think he will miss this old Great White Buffalo 45 I am sure he no longer likes Ted

28 Mar : 01:25
And I have an old 76 of the 1812 overture.. boy you should see the groves in that one when the cannon sounds

28 Mar : 01:09
Oh look - I found his record player instead. We have all of these old Eagles 45's and two albums of the Beatles. I left the Merl Haggard but I will go back for those if you prefer

28 Mar : 00:43
You know Cy sees all Bebop... He's like Santa Clause... Only smaller and highly intoxicated....

and yes I was referencing the worlds vaguest attempt at religious legislation...

27 Mar : 17:17
Shh - Cy is in Vegas so it is PARTY time...don't tell him I borrowed his radio from the office and I will put it back before he returns next week

27 Mar : 15:45
maybe in reference to there"Religious Freedom" law that was just pass that is nothing like freedom i know of

26 Mar : 23:54
~Lemon fights urge to leave flaming bag of poop on the steps of the Indiana state house, or as it is called now, The time machine back to the 19th century~

26 Mar : 18:58
all good over here hells!

26 Mar : 14:27

Everybody's okay ?

26 Mar : 02:22
you guys shud put this evolving story in a forum thread to keep it going and so others can read the whole thing

25 Mar : 18:42
~Lemon returns Bebop's truck to it's parking spot and pulls magnetic name plaque off of Talon's office door... because clearly someone is out to get them and their stuff is not safe... steals some aluminum (ALUMINIIIIIIOOOOOMM for Traker) foil from Talon's off to wrap baked potatoes and cooks them in the he made using Rad's Kenny Logins signed album collection... Leaves them on Bebop and Talon's desk because he feels bad about their stuff~


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Welcome all our friends from the Golden Sidewinders 96th Division.

If you find a cool group of people with similar values and ethics to CAP, please let us know and we can look to forming friendships with them.

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