New Recruits

Welcome To Your First Step Into The ‹«ÇÂÞ»› Recruitment Process!

Thank you for your interest in ‹«ÇÂÞ»›. We are comprised of Law Enforcement, Military, Health Care & Private Sectors. We are currently actively recruiting personable, well rounded, and dedicated individuals over the age of 18 to join our family. If you feel YOU would be a good addition to our fun, exciting, and ever growing ranks please copy and paste the following questions, including answers, in a new recruitment forum thread by following the links provided below.

Please copy the questions below to tell us about yourself:

  • Name:

  • In-Game Name:

  • Age (18+):

  • Email Address (required so our recruiter can contact you):

  • Location:

  • What Game/games are you applying for:

  • Times You Play:

  • What Hobbies do you have, etc...:

  • Who recruited or referred you:

  • Are you willing to install and participate in conversation on TeamSpeak:

  • Name of other clan(s) you have been with including their website address and what other names you have used:

  • Reasons why you left other clan(s):

  • Have you read the S.O.P. emphasizing on the Code of Conduct section:

  • OPTIONAL: Have you served in your country's Military, Police forces or Security industry. (This is only so we can recognise your service with the appropriate ribbons in your signature blocks, You do not have to answer this question if you do not wish to.)

Thank you again for your interest in ‹«ÇÂÞ»›. The first step in your journey has now been completed. A recruiter will be replying to you via e-mail and your forum post as soon as possible. Please check back frequently as many of our members will want to say hello.